Why Choose

Exemplary Educators

At, we have an elite group of educators who are committed to raising student achievement and improving student learning. Our instructors are highly skilled professionals who have passed rigorous entrance exams, and we have integrated successful teaching approaches into our training programs. Our team's dedication, honour, and duty are unquestionable, and we are committed to spreading cheer and delight through education. Rest assured, our students are in good hands at all times.

Innovative, state-of-the-art technology

Essentially, is a tech firm. The goal of's RDX Team (Research, Development, and Exploration) is to make quality education more widely available and reasonably priced, as well as to increase the number of "Teachers by Choice."

To fuel the following fantastic additions to, we developed state-of-the-art technologies from the ground up:

Connecting a teacher and a student in real-time through voice and video, even with a slow internet connection.


Live Audio-Video Connection Between Student and Teacher

We know that the most effective teaching and learning take place when a teacher sits down with a student to work together on a shared notebook. The shared online classes platform feature of allows students and teachers to collaborate in the same virtual space while being separated by thousands of kilometers in physical space. For months, we have worked hard to develop technology that makes connecting together convenient for both teachers and students.

Recording of Every Class

We know that students may best reinforce their understanding by constantly reviewing previously learned material. Our system records each class so that the student may go back and review the material when they desire. This recording is also used to assess the level of instruction in Sessions may be recorded using our technology, and then re-played even on mobile devices with extremely limited bandwidths with the help of our optimization methods.


Management Software for Education

You may have a lot of categories within the material itself, whether it's an item exam, creative tasks, or session notes. The web or a mobile app may be used by the teacher to generate and distribute audio-video assignments and tests to which the students will answer.

Feedback on Academic Progress for Parents and Students

Our team of experts has not only designed a state-of-the-art LMS, but also a sophisticated reporting system for tracking student progress and offering constructive criticism. Teachers would benefit from this since they could more easily communicate with one another about their students' progress in the classroom. Students and parents would benefit from this since they might anticipate areas of weakness and begin working on them in advance.


Mobile Devices Discussion Zoom

By now, we're confident you'll agree with us that the technological progress we adapt will be beneficial for the students. We've set the bar even higher by enabling real-time instruction on Android smartphones and tablets. In a word, yes, classes may now be taken in their entirety through mobile/tablet devices on Zoom. Learning is no longer restricted by factors like location, time, or technology.